We have experience and specialized staff of engineers, which guarantees that our solutions are always accurate and supported by detailed calculations covering such aspects as stability analyzes, ground deformation or widely understood safety of the structure.

We also take care of selection of proper materials, specially in areas with low bearing subsoil, devastated subsoil or in areas endangered by active mining.

Below you can find selected design services offered by us:

 - designs for ground reinforcement and foundation of structures on non-bearing and low-bearing soils,

 - designs for the foundations of building objects and engineering structures (direct foundations, piled foundations),

 - design of landfills,

 - subsoil reinforcement projects through the use of reinforced soil,

 - optimization of foundation systems,

 - soil replacement analysis (non load-bearing or weak-bearing soils), soil compaction methods, soil treatment,

 - analysis for application of geosynthetic reinforcement,

 - stabilization of landslides,

 - execution of drainage with the use of non-pipe drainage systems,

 - increasing the load-bearing capacity of the pavements,

 - slopes made of soil reinforced with geosynthetics,

 - construction of embankments and retaining structures,

 - design of retaining walls with different type of facings,

 - reinforcement of roadbed and road surfaces,

 - renovation of asphalt surfaces,

 - relief of bridge abutments,

 - reinforcing, greening and protection of slopes against erosion,

 - construction of full bridge abutments in the reinforced soil technology,

 - protection of the banks of water courses.