Our main activities include design in the field of widely understood geotechnics, preparation of stability analyzes, optimization, selection of technology and design solutions as well as expert opinions. Qualified engineering team prepares a detailed geotechnical analysis, designs and technical solutions. Its includes also development of concepts and detailed geotechnical, geological-engineering and hydrogeological documentation. We cooperate with investors, designers and contractors of road & rail works and technical infrastructure. A detailed analysis and experience allow us to select the most beneficial solutions. Having knowledge of the soil parameters, investor's assumptions and operational requirements, our engineers prepare a project that meets the Client's expectations.

We provide expert opinions and technical designs for engineering objects, especially for these constructed in difficult and complicated ground conditions. We deliver full engineering service for designs considering following aspects: solving of foundation problems, weak soil problems, mines influence on construction risks, stability, deformation and settlement control, erosion protection, drainage and many others.

  • We cooperate with designers, providing consultancy and outsourcing design works, by doing analysis, calculations, preparing drawings, specifications, bill of quantities, etc.
  • For construction companies we provide optimization works, design analysis, finding the best cost and/or time effective solutions. We do supervision work and we help to solve problems occurring during the construction phase.

We support our Clients with professional service, supervision and technical advices at every stage of the investment: concept, design, tender and during the construction phase.