Reinforced soil


The technology of soil reinforced with geosynthetic materials (also known as MSE Mechanically Stabilized Earth) is becoming more and more popular mainly in the infrastructural construction sector (roads, railways, bridges). Typical structures are the reinforced slopes or retaining walls, which depending on the project requirements can have a difference facings. Similar to traditional technologies like reinforced concrete, the most important part in the investment process is proper design – on the one side – meeting all necessary norms, regulations and recommendations, but on the other – providing a good technical and economical solution.

Design of reinforced soil structures is a process which includes:

  • norms and guidelines - we design solutions according to international guidelines, local standards and recommendations.
  • static analysis – verified will be ULS Ultimate Limit State responsible for the stability (global & internal) of the reinforced soil structure and additionally SLS Serviceability Limit State, which will provide information about the possible structure deformations,

  • software – we apply only dedicated and independent computing software both in 2D and 3D versions. We carry out numerical analyzes using the finite element method (FEM),
  • CAD drawings and 3D modelling – we can either work in the 2D or 3D environment, depending on the project requirements,
  • subsoil – geological analysis incl. soil type definition, verification of parameters, identifying of ground water level, predicting possible deformations and settlements. It’s important specially for locations under seismic and landslide influences.
  • fill and backfill material – control of parameters in order to secure proper interaction not only with the geosynthetic reinforcements but also with existing embankment,
  • geosynthetic materials (geogrid, geotextile) – recommendations to assure proper interaction with the fill material and provide durability to meet design life time of 120 years,
  • facing of the reinforced soil structure – visible (external) element of the MSE structure. Technology provides full flexibility – from green slopes, through gabions (mesh baskets filled with crushed stone) till small size concrete blocks. Type of facing depends mainly on the retaining wall dimensions (height, inclination) and on the aesthetical aspects as well.

We will be happy to consult your project and support you with technical design.