Many times designed solutions for the soil reinforcement are prepared on the basis of a limited exploration of the subsoil, which does not give a complete picture of the ground conditions. In a such situations, we offer optimization of the initially proposed design. Prior to the optimization works, we can perform an additional identification of the subsoil foreseen with the planned investment. The scope of additional works is always determined for a given investment and may include field works such as drilling or probing and evaluation of the collected soil samples in our own laboratory. These actions result in clarifying the spatial geological structure of the subsoil and determining the model parameters of the soil that most accurate describe the cooperation of the subsoil with the designed object.

We use this knowledge to optimize a design solution, what in general means, the development of an economically proofed solution. It results in reduction of expenses related to the subsoil reinforcement, in cases, where an additional geological exploration showed more favorable soil and water conditions. In cases where the soil and water conditions are significantly worse than assumed at the stage of the basic design, the optimization means minimizing the risk of failure of the structure. In both situations it gives real savings for the investor and the contractor.